IT security is an important and often overlooked aspect of organisations’ IT systems. There are a wide range of threats and issues that need addressing by all organisations at some point. Unprotected WiFi points, open ports, USB risks and even careless password policies can leave systems open to abuse and compromise.

Email security, SPAM, Virus attacks, Secure Web browsing, Secure hardware disposal are all valid concerns businesses currently need to address. AIT TECHNOLOGY consultants work with many industry-leading security companies such as Microsoft, Becrypt, Blancco, Cyberoam and GFI to be able to put together a robust solution for your business. Read more on Data Security.

Public sector bodies will have to adapt to provide the high level of IT security required under increasingly tight budgets. But the good news is that public sector bodies can install security technology and protocols that allow the delivery of best-of-breed protection against modern threats – but at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Protect Emails

Sensitive information is often passed around an office by Email, for authorisation, separate departments and for standard work. Each time this information is sent there is a high risk that the recipients email address will be mistyped.
We have the facilities available to implement clear procedural and policy settings which can automatically recognise the email address of the sender and either Encrypt, Block or send back to the user. This would provide an ideal safety net to catch any untoward emails which could possibly cause several major repercussions to your organisation.

Protect Prints

SafeCom Pull Print™ is a modern printing solution that safeguards document confidentiality and unauthorized access to print, scan, copy and e-mail functions. Its user-authentication provides air-tight security on your shared MFPs that function as personal printers.

SafeCom Pull Print with authentication ensures:

  • Documents are delivered only into the right hands
  • Information is kept confidential. No risk of being left unattended at the printer
  • Users login to access MFP functions, like print, copy, scan and e-mail
  • Users login with a simple swipe their key-card
  • Document collection is safe anytime and anywhere — no “print and sprint”
  • Integration with other enterprise applications and workflows is kept secure through single sign-on
  • Savings of up to 20% on your total printing costs

Restrict Network User & Remote Access

Organisations now require more than just a Firewall and Anti-virus to secure it against the high volume and range of Internet threats. Cyberoam’s comprehensive security protects your enterprise from Internet threats, including spyware, phishing, pharming, viruses, worms, Trojans and more. In addition, Cyberoam identifies the user at each step of the security process – right from authentication to logout. Receive full protection from viruses, worms, hackers, phishing, pharming, spyware and more. Stop your insiders from surfing unhealthy sites. Take control over excessive bandwidth usage. Secure your network, today with Cyberoam’s identity-based UTM Firewall Appliances. So easy to maintain, a non-technical person can configure and manage easily.

Go Paperless

By reducing the number of prints Public sector can save over 70% of its printing costs by utilising digital email and fax utilities. We are able to install Spindle an intelligent Windows print driver that works with practically any application that can print.

By utilising your existing technology investment you can streamline and automate both internal and external communications by using Spindle Professional. This cost-effective software solution enables you to instantly and easily merge information from business applications to produce documents that can be sent by e-mail and fax as well as being printed and also archived.

Encrypt Mobile Devices (Laptops and PenDrives)

Removable Media Module is a cost effective and secure way to encrypt data on removable media including Firewire, USB devices, and SD cards It is the first solution for the encryption of all data on portable devices to receive CAPS approval at Baseline (Impact Level 3). Data stored on removable drives can be vulnerable if lost or stolen, or if the data is downloaded to an unmanaged computer. Removable Media Module is a simple and easy way to protect all data on removable and mass storage devices against loss and data leakage.

Protecting data in storage and in transit

Data is most at risk of being lost when taken outside of the physical boundaries of the organisation. Increasingly, mobile workers are required to work offsite and data needs to be stored, transported and shared using removable media. USB, Firewire and other portable devices offer low cost, easy to use storage, whereby data can easily be copied or downloaded with no regard to the security implications.

With data being so easily accessed and copied, organisations are increasingly finding that they need to put in place security measures to protect information. Furthermore, with new legislation requiring compliance with data protection measures, never has the issue of data security been more urgent or important.

  • Once installed, transparently encrypts and decrypts data on most USB, Firewire connected devices, and SD cards.
  • Can be centrally deployed via Becrypt Enterprise Manager
  • Workers using the same encryption key material can be grouped
  • Password protected option for sharing data outside of the work group
  • Users must have Removable Media Module installed and the correct key material to view data
  • When used with Becrypt Connect Protect provides audit trail of all file copy events on the host PC