Network Infrastructure

With the day-to-day pressures of running a business, it’s not surprising that it’s often overlooked that without a robust and stable network in place, businesses can grind to a halt. Organisations are so reliant on their data networks for so much that it is crucially important that it has been specified and configured correctly. If a business network fails, the implications can be catastrophic on the organisation and users may lose access to many vital resources. A well designed network also provides many more options for your organisation surrounding Remote Working.

Local Area Networks

A local area network (LAN) is a communication network within your building. This connects and relates every peice of connected hardware onto a private network within the office. A LAN is a way of connecting printers, scanners, cameras, time recording devices, IP phones and Projectors to any machine within the building.
On your own LAN there are no speed restrictions or data usage rates as it doesn’t use public infrastructure, data is sent internally through your router/switches. We can create your network from the ground up, from the physical wiring itself to the implementation of your broadband with a secure router set-up. This is the first step in provisioning a high availability and growth ready infrastructure, we can be there to implement every step.

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Wireless LAN

A Wireless Local Area Network, is know under the well known brand name of WiFi, this is opening up a wireless radio frequency to connect wireless enabled devices to your local network, providing all the same benefits along with mobility. This is becoming increasingly popular with rise of Mobile devices; Laptops, Smartphones, Ipads and Wireless Printers.

We can install this with many options, should you want public WiFi, extra security, limited users or extra range, we can install/setup and configure from the start, so you have a complete infrastructure for Directors, Staff or Customers.

We specialise in network infrastructure, as it is integral to all IT Systems. Our engineers & consultants have years of experiences supporting and installing networks for organisations of all sizes which means we can instantly advise what the requirements would be for an organisation of your size, structure, turnover and industry. A well designed and supported network can provide your business with a competitive advantage as the communication lines are improved and resilience increased.

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Network Infrastructure issues can be felt far and wide through an organisation, AITTECH specialise in keeping uptime to a maximum. You may see issues with Security, Efficiency, Disaster Recovery, Administration, Resiliance & Reliability, Speed and Costs all coming from any of the following being installed incorrectly; Cabling (Cat5/e, Cat6), Sever Rooms, Switches, Wireless, Cabinets, Hotspots, IP Technologies (VoIP, Surveillance & Audio / Visual), Network Expansion, Performance Upgrades, Mobility, Access Control, Shared Services (Printing, Scanning and other Peripherals).

Network Basics

We start with the basics, most organisations today rely on the internet to function, with emails, telephones and remote connections being vital for over 98% of organisations in 2011. Because of this we have relationships with some of the biggest and best providers to make certain your services will not interrupt your work. We offer Broadband, Fibre and SDSL (Symmetric Digital Subscriber Lines) connections along with Domains, Shared Hosting (Windows and Linux) to host your websites on, we can also provide Dedicated servers for cloud hosting.

Network 2

Virtual Private Networks

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are a method of securely connecting remote sites using public internet infrastructure, without have to rent a leased line (a private direct phone between two buildings). This makes the costs very low as all you need is a server and a broadband line. This is what has allowed the extraordinary growth in teleworking.
By utilising VPNs we are able to not only connect key members of staff from their home PCs to enable them to access shared drives on work servers, but also to access their emails and contact lists. Added to this we can connect remote offices to one central location, this allows the head office to stay in better control of the running of their business, at the same time as reducing costs as each location will then not require its own server but just a connection to the head office. We can provide several forms of VPN allowing secure flexibility and growth availability.

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